Why should I choose Border Country Auctions to help turn my property into cash?



There are number of excellent reasons to team with a professional auction company for your sale. BCA has the experience and qualifications necessary to organize and promote a successful sale for you.

  • The Auction Method of Marketing brings together willing buyers and sellers and allows for the discovery of the true value of an item at a particular point in time.
  • Advantages to you include knowing that your property will be sold, for cash, on a certain date and will be taken into custody by the buyer on that date.
  • There is no long, drawn out negotiation process which can allow other bidders to become frustrated and drop out of the process as well as see prospective buyers get “cold feet” and back out of a deal. Auction sales are final.
  • We will complete the settlement of your sale in a timely fashion. Thus, there is no carrying cost to holding inventory for months or years before finding a willing buyer.
  • Our extensive database of proven auction buyers and our marketing expertise ensure that you will have the best opportunity to receive good prices for your property come auction day.
  • We will design sale bills, newspaper and radio advertising, and internet promotion.
  • We also promote future sales at auctions as they are conducted.




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